paymentzone-logo is a genuine platform founded JUNE 2018, we are here and have all what it takes to help the young old and make you meet up with your financial expectation, We invest in different type of Digital cryptocurrency,Digital Gold,and Agriculture. our aim is to help everyone achieve their business growth and empower youths in realizing their dream, is not a rich quick programme or branded ponzi, we aim to partner with nationwide and serious minded people with the fear of God to work with as a team in other for us to meet the goal set before us., invest with us and make your tomorrow a better place,we are here to help your education and to make you gain more than ever before, we promise not to let you down...
PAYMENTZONE is an open market where everyone can trade/invest in digital currency,digital gold and support agriculture,in other to earn from the system..
first you need to be a register member for you to invest / earn from the system Paymentzone is an open market platform which everyone can invest nationwide, paymentzone trade with your investment and return income weekly 50%of your investment will be giving to you weekly for the next 3WEEKS but on the 3rd WEEK you will be giving 20% immediately you reinvest the system will automatically request for your 30%balance . We have six investment plan,login into your account and choose a plan. To invest on,after transaction of fund,send your username, proof of payment/screenshot, amount paid, bank paid from to the confirmation team for confirmation.
creating more than one account is prohibited the system don't allow that ,the system delete any multiple account found immediately, runing or not, please take NOTE.
We have six (6) plans already 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000, 200000,500000,so our list investment plan is 10000 which is the lowest, and the highest you can invest is 500000.
It is very acceptable to activate all your plans, thats the major reason we dont allow multiple account .
Once is 7days you invest the system automatically request for your payment every week and your account will be creadited within 0-48hours,no payment sundays, and no activation of account sundays.
As soon the system request for you,your payment will be within 48hours you will get your payment into the registered account number given to us when making your registration, so be sure there is no mistake during your registration, wrong account details can as well cause delay of payment .
No, paymentzone Network is a trading company your income is not based on referral but if you are able to invite or refer anyone you will be paid 3% and if the person you invite refer or invite someone else you will be paid 1%for every person he or she refer .

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